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Ship's Log

This page is intended for accounts of people's voyages and trips aboard Jemima-D.

Let's hear about all those far off, exotic places and your tales of sea monsters and tempests!

Please send them in, short or long, recent or ancient.

The first contributions are from Sue and Neil:

• Skipton to Wigan, October 1999

A couple of postings made by Mike Casswell to the Canals Mailing List, illustrating the happenings of the winter of 1999/2000:

• Of Mice and Men (and a boat), 4th January 2000

• Ducking, 22nd January 2000

More from Sue and Neil:

• Jemima-D on the Staff and Worcs, May 2000

From Chris Ginger:

• Our Holiday On Jemima-D July 2000

From Sue Butler:

• Five Go On A Midsummer Adventure - Jemima-D on the BCN Challenge 2002

From Jean and John:

• Jean and John's first trip on Jemima-D, May 2010

From Richard:

• Richard's first trip on Jemima-D, August 2010

From Jean and John, again:

• Jean and John's second trip on Jemima-D, September 2010

From Jean and John:

• Leek to Weston, May 2011

From Jean and John:

• Caldon Canal, September 2011

From Jean and John:

• On the Stourport Ring, September 2012

From John & Jean:

• On the Macclesfield Canal, May 2014

From Jean and John, again:

• On the Coventry Canal, August/September 2014

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