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Jemima-D on the Stourport Ring

1st - 8th September 2012, Jean & John

Saturday 1st

Arrived via train and bus at 3:15 to find that it was the day of the Stourport carnival.

Stayed and watched the boat pageants and firework display.

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A boat in the Evening River Parade

Sunday 2nd

Engine running hours: 167.6

Set off around 9:00am. Negotiated the Stourport basins, using the facilities on the way, and out onto the River Severn. Stopped for coffee below Lincomb lock. The scenery along most of the river to Worcester is beautiful, but we were not able to stop and admire any of it as there is no mooring, unless you want to go for a drink at one or two pubs, until Worcester. Going through the very large manned locks was an interesting experience.

Jemima-D on the River Severn


Moored on the Worcester and Birmingham just south of the Sidbury lock.

Monday 3rd September

Spent the morning in Worcester. Walked the route John used to take some 50 years ago from the bus station to the Worcester Royal Grammar School. We called in at the brand new "Hive", well worth a visit.

Set off around 2:30pm. Many of the top paddles on the locks are extremely stiff, some of the worst we have experienced.

We ran well aground just west of Tolladine lock – while dropping John off to save time by going ahead to get the lock ready! Spent half an hour or more trying to get her off, with John using his engineering knowledge, rocking and using boards and ropes, without success. We were trying to get off going forward since most of the forward end of the boat seemed to obligingly go out into the stream. She was evidently aground just aft of the cabin. We started to work on getting her off in reverse (needless to say the propulsion would not get her moving either way) using the forward mooring rope in a three strand “block and tackle” arrangement when another boat came along and helped by towing us backwards.

Got to Tibberton about 7:30pm.

Weather was very pleasant and John thoroughly enjoyed an evening of working the Offerton locks.

Tuesday 4th September

Set off just before 7:30. Got to Hanbury Wharf around 8.30. Went into Droitwich for The Guardian and breakfast. Put 100l diesel in the boat, which seemed to take it up to full. Set off at 1:15.

Went on to Stoke Pound, 12 locks, arriving about 6, and moored for the night.

Wednesday 5th September

Set off at 8:20. Celia and another friend, Usha, joined us about half way up the locks and helped us the rest of the way. Came up Tardibigge top lock at 1:20 pm. Arrived at Bournville at 7:30pm and moored for the night. This is near Jean’s house, where John’s car was parked. Took Celia and Usha back to their cars, Celia leaving for home and Usha coming back with us.

Tardibigge bottom lock, 8:36am

... and the top, 1:19pm

Thursday 6th September

Set off to Gas Street Basin where we were met by a floating forest.

floating forest

Stopped for a drink and a look around. Usha left us here. Found the CaRT office was closed, bought some stern grease at Sherbourne Wharf. Carried on and moored for the night on the New Main Line by the New Smethwick Pumping Station. Filled the stern greaser.

On the New Main Line by the New Smethwick Pumping Station

Friday 7th September

Set off at 9:20. Carried on along the New Mail Line to the Gower Branch then up on to the Wolverhampton Level to meet two friends of Jean at the mooring west of Kier’s Bridge. Took them for a round trip via Tipton Green, down onto the New Main Line and the back via the Gower Branch.

We had heard from Tony that he would like to explore the BCN and that Kings Norton would be a good base for him so we decided to head back in that direction. Continued east along the Wolverhampton Level. Going along (well, under) the M5 for a while was interesting. Dropped back to the Birmingham level at Smethwick locks and moored near Gas Street Basin, just east of Sheepcote Street Bridge.

Another glorious sunny day.

Saturday 8th September

Emptied and filled at the CaRT facilities at Cambrian Wharf and continued to Gas Street basin for coffee and cake at The Canalside Café. Continued south past Bournville to just north of Lifford Lane bridge where there is road access to the canal – although the mooring is very shallow!

Engine running hours: 198.4

We had a fantastic week getting what was probably the first sunny week since Spring. It was good to take Jemima-D for a good run on a lovely route that was new to us and to have friends joining us on the way.

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