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Jemima-D log 30th August to 6th September 2014

Jean & John

Saturday 30th August

On the Coventry Canal, just north of School Lane Bridge, Hopwas.

We had paid a visit to Jemima on Friday to check out the freshwater pump and the forward deck boards and we took one of the boards back with us. We got a couple of boards cut out at a local DIY store in Coalville and we took a detour to Willington marina to buy a new pressure switch for the pump on the way back to the boat. Arrived about 4pm.

Found the boards were slightly oversize and we do not have the tools to trim them.

Getting the pump on and off was very difficult due to not having the correct screwdriver. The new pressure switch worked OK at first but became reluctant to switch on, possibly because it was set to too low a pressure. The switch is at the bottom of the pump as installed and there is only about 2cm clearance under it. There were not the tools on board to get the lid off and adjust it.

Saturday 31th August

Engine running hours: 669.4

Engine checks: Engine oil 1mm below maximum, aft gearbox 1/cm above maximum, forward gearbox on maximum. Cabin batteries 12.18V, engine battery 12.71V.

Set off at 10:05am.

Moored by Sutton Road Bridge and went to B&Q and Maplins to get some tools and bits. Then carried on and moored for the night beyond Alvecote at about 5:30pm.

Weather dry and erring towards too hot.

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Got the forward deck boards to fit and started putting wood preservative (Sikkens) on them.

having a rest from painting the deck boards

Jean having a rest from painting the deck boards

Adjusted the pressure switch on the fresh water pump and the system is now working OK.

using a monkey wrench as an electrical connector

A high tech approach!

Replaced the exterior bolt on the toilet door (the knob had broken off the old one).

Monday 1st September

Engine running hours: 672.4

Engine checks: Engine oil 1mm below maximum.

Set off at 10:15. Stopped in Atherstone to some shopping and check out the charity shops.

We hoped to moor near Hartshill but found we were near a waste food reprocessing plant that was giving off an unpleasant smell. We carried on and moored for the night between bridges 28 and 29.

Tuesday 2nd September

Engine oil 1mm below maximum.

Set off at 8:40am.

Picked up Usha in Nuneaton. Used the watering and toilet emptying facilities at Hawkesbury Junction.

Had some excitement watching some scrub catching fire by the canal as we were filling up with water. Firemen came and used buckets to get canal water to douse the fire.

firemen getting buckets of canal water to douse a fire

Modern Firefighting!

Carried on along the Oxford Canal. Moored for the night just beyond Bridge 34 near Brinklow.

Wednesday 3rd September

Engine oil 3mm below maximum.

Set off at 8:40am.

Stopped for a visit to (the charity shops in) Rugby. Carried on and arrived at Braunston around 5. Found a mooring space just north of bridge 90.

Thursday 4th September

Engine oil 4mm below maximum.

Engine running hours: 685.5

Went into Braunstone to do a bit of shopping and then to Midland Chandlers where we got a fender and a Nicholson. We also enquired about chimneys and stop cables.

Emptied toilet and rubbish then had lunch at the Gongoozler's Rest Cafe. Set off around 2pm.

Arrived at Marson Doles at 6:10.

Filled up with water (took hour!) then went on a little way to moor for the night.

Friday 5th September

Engine running hours: 690.4, engine oil 1mm above minimum.

Set off at 8:50.

Stopped off at Fenny Compton and walked into the village to get the Guardian. Then carried on and Celia met us at Claydon Top Lock. Carried on with her help to Cropredy where we moored for the night. Then Celia took John to fetch his car from Hopwas. Left John's car at Lower Heyford.

Saturday 6th September

Engine oil 1mm above minimum.

Set off at 9:15.

Had a coffee, met up with Celia and Dai and had a look round in Banbury.

Set off to bridge 168 where we met up with John's son Jim and his family. Did some car juggling then carried on with all on board. Much fun was had with John's grandchildren.

More car juggling including one car running out of fuel, at bridge 177.

Jim's family left us at bridge 183.

Carried on to just south of bridge 189 and moored for the night. Had a meal with Dai and Celia before they left.

Sunday 7th September

Engine oil 1mm above minimum. Topped up with approximately 1 pint (400g tomato tin) of oil to just below maximum.

Set off at around 9:50

Jean twisted her ankle and grazed her leg going down a concealed hole in the towpath.

Used the facilities at Lower Heyford Wharf, winded and moored just north of Lower Heyford.

Used the facilities at Lower Heyford Wharf, winded and moored just north of Lower Heyford.

Engine running hours 703.7, Oil levels: Engine: 2mm above maximum; Forward gearbox: maximum; Aft gearbox: 4mm above maximum

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