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7th 14th May 2011

Jean & John

Saturday 7th

Arrived around 6pm having come from John's son's 40th birthday party in Oxfordshire. Lazed around and read the Guardian!

Sunday 8th

Up late, lazed around most of the morning.

Engine running hours 2330.9

Set off after lunch, went up the Leek Branch past spectacular displays of bluebells and moored at the end. Walked into leek where, it being Sunday, nearly everywhere was closed! Set off part way back down the Branch and moored up against a bluebell wood for the night.

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and May blossom

and May blossom

Moored at Leek

Moored at Leek

Monday 9th

Went to Park Lane to top up water and empty the loo. We found that the key we thought was the BWB one was not. Borrowed a key from another boater. Turned round and went a bit along the Caldon mooring just beyond The Hollybush. Used the car to do some shopping. Some quite heavy rain about so we stayed put for the night.

Tuesday 10th

No boat cruising today, John had to go to Swadlincote to teach a class. Jean cruised the Leek charity and antique shops.

Wednesday 11th

Went down the Caldon to Etruria and then a bit down the Trent and Mersey to moor for the night opposite the cemetery south of bridge 115, the same place that we moored last September. We had to wait for another boat to go under the Ivy House Lift Bridge as there was no BWB facilities key on Jemima.

Weather was mostly dry with some sun but a bit cold.

Had some problems with the engine cutting out on low revs after we had been going a bit faster for a while.

Thursday 12th

Carried on south stopping to visit the Wedgwood museum and visitor centre. Moored for the night just north of Stone (south of bridge 96). We were hoping to find a nice rural site a bit further north but found that a housing estate had been built up to the canal.

Got the caps off both diesel tank breathers. Starboard breather seemed unblocked, port breather blocked. The blockage was magnetic (iron oxide/rust?) and could be lifted out a bit at a time using a magnetise screwdriver, so now unblocked and hopefully little if any debris went into the tank. The breathers are constricted (the hole is quite small) at the change from the round to the square tube (where it goes through the gunwale) so probably care will still be needed when filling up with diesel.

Friday 13th September

Shopping in Stone then off south again. Moored just north of bridge 80 at Weston

A heron on the bank

A heron on the bank

Engine running hours 2352.1

Saturday 14th

John managed to lose the mop overboard while clearing the leaves off the roof!

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